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Sometimes I think its not fair to have more than one favorite baseball team. Red Sox, Tigers, Phillies, and Brewers, some up, some down but all mine.
I can just say I love this damn game.

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Superheroes - Past/Present Vol. 2

Illustrations by Khoa Ho

Behance II Twitter II Facebook

12” X 24” giclee prints on silver metallic paper, numbered editions of 65. Available at WonderCon 2014 from the Hero Complex, booth #101, and also online soon after HERE.

via HeroChan.
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Roentgen Objects, or Devices Larger Than The Rooms That Contain Them: "An extraordinary exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last year featured mechanical furniture designed by the father and son team of Abraham and David Roentgen: elaborate 18th-century technical devices disguised as desks and tables.”

Historical significance and craftsmanship aside, pretty much a baroque transformer.

I wish I had the talent to think up this machine, let alone create it.

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So kimsca is in jrzy gettin her “I’m so badass they should pay me to teach this” on. I’m in griswold, ct with my brother from another mother.
I miss that good lookin woman, she needs a vacation more than I do, and here I sit, but she just won’t take one. Maybe in june.

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Target’s new easter commercial uses porno for pyros as the background music.

Perry Farrell is my generations’ Kieth Richards.
I’m going to google him everyday, if he is still alive, I know my life plan is on track.

Link 28 Mar 1 note Watch "The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love" on YouTube»

The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love:

Link 28 Mar Watch "dio - holy diver" on YouTube»

dio - holy diver:

Link 28 Mar Watch "The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare" on YouTube»

The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare:

Link 28 Mar Watch "The Misfits - "Halloween/Bullet" (Live - 1983) Pl…" on YouTube»

The Misfits - “Halloween/Bullet” (Live - 1983) Pl…:

Don’t be something you are not!

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An original Cosby-sweater. (*Jello Pudding not included*) (at Museum of the Moving Image)


An original Cosby-sweater. (*Jello Pudding not included*) (at Museum of the Moving Image)

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